What Resources Do You Have?

Eric James was asked by a group of students how he manages to accomplish all that he does…

His response was simple yet profound “I Couldn’t have done it until I did it.”

So many of us look around and find excuses for why we can’t achieve something. Yet in reality we have more resources than we can actually handle to tackle any and everything that we dream about. The fact is this world has an abundance of resources and opportunities that can be utilized by anyone willing to take themselves to the next level.

Life isn’t about having the best cards at the table. It’s about playing the cards you have the best. Resources and ways of maximizing your life are all around you. It’s time you open your eyes and look for opportunity as opposed to just focusing on what doesn’t exist in your life at this moment.

Doing this will create profound results in your life. You will go from having a negative slant towards everyday occurrences, to finding more opportunities than you know to do with.

We all have them

What are your personal resources?

It’s always so amazing when you hear people say “there’s nothing I can do, I just don’t have any ideas of things to work on.” These are people who are still discrediting the resources the world has naturally given them.

When going after something it’s important to not fear failure. You are going to fail. You are going to fail over and over again. That’s ok. Be sure to get on your feet. Fail forward. Work your butt off. And when you get knocked down, fall looking up. Because if you can look up, you can get up.

There are too many opportunities in this world for you not to be great! And the only person truly holding you back is you. Today, sit down and make a list of any and every resource you have at your disposol. Don’t think and don’t discount anything that comes to mind. Just let it all flow. Once you are finished take a look and see the dots that can connect you to your long term dreams and focus.

If you are interested in more of what Eric James does, visit his site here: http://www.erictothemoon.com/ or if you like the name, check this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric


Referencing a Strategist

Have you ever looked at what makes a person good at what they do? I’m determined that a lot of it rests in the level of strategy that person has with the resources they have in hand.

For example… The other week I had a company http://boulderwindowcleaning.biz/ out to clean my windows. Now I’m a fan of small local business and this type of company was exactly what I was looking for. When the crew arrived their were two gentlemen, one of which was the owner. I was eager to see how he would handle my job as my house had a fair amount of windows.

Here’s where things got resourceful – Instead of having his employee begin immediately, he instructed him to take inventory of the hard to clean windows. They made a list and went to work on that. On their way I heard them phone another employee to arrive and take care of the first floor, easy to reach windows.

How was this resourceful? By simply attacking the complex windows, they saved time. They had analyzed the area and knew the easy windows were self explanatory so the other employee could arrive and get to it without interrupting the other men on site. Even better, they saved time by having what seemed to be the “best” employees tackling the harder job. Sticking a mediocre employee on those windows would have created a longer time frame to clean the entire job.

Well done Window King!

Company Worth Remembering

Recently my wife and I were in Quebec for a family trip. It was a great vacation with low key dinners and just quality time exploring the local shops.

We happened to stumble across this garden nursery or pépinière as the locals would call it… Any who, the Garden center was amazing. It was lined with beautiful cedars and orchads or colors I had never seen. When we were told that the shop had a full service install for plants you purchase, well I immediately was intrigued to how they could provide this much service on margins of selling plants!

After speaking with the owner I realized that this Garden Center would actually lose money on the front end sales if it meant gaining a customer for life. That is a concept isn’t it! They knew that the experience most new customers have is so out of this world, that it was worth it to them to simply post a marginal lost on first time sales.

This was a business owner who knew his stuff! Well done

Advantages of Exercise with a coach

Everyone knows that there are advantages of exercise. However, it is advisable to seek professional help before you begin any type of fitness program. Especially when going through the stresses of the loan process. The best way to do this, is to begin a fitness program with a coach. That way, you can be assured that you are doing the exercises properly.

There are many gyms, the details of which you can find by looking through your local advertisements, or online. Some gyms may specialize in a particular area, such as weight lifting. While others may be more supportable for your independent, and personal needs, for example a ladies only gym.

Before you begin a fitness program with a coach, research the gym thoroughly. Can your loan officer assist you to find a credible trainer? Read through any client testimonials, and check that they have the relevant insurances. This is a good example of A great personal trainer with strong testimonials .Your first appointment is usually conducted so that the coach can determine your current level of fitness.

This first session will also highlight your particular strengths, and weaknesses. Then the coach can set up a fitness program to suit your particular needs. Going to the gym on a regular basis is another factor when beginning any type of fitness program. It is pointless to just attend once a month, then you won’t see the full advantages of exercise.

The advantages of exercise cover these main elements:

      · Weight control – you will find, that once you have begun your fitness program, your weight will level out.


      · Combats against health complaints, and disease – becoming fit improves your health. You will find yourself less susceptible to colds, and certain diseases.


      · Improves your mood – exercising releases endorphins into our systems, hence a lift in mood.


      · Boosts your energy levels – you will find that your endurance levels will be heightened.


      · Promotes better sleep patterns – this is due to the fact that you have been energetic for a period of time, so will sleep more soundly.


      · Can spark up your sex life – people find that as they have more energy, that they are more prone to spending longer in the bedroom.


    · Can be fun – you have your coach there guiding you through your fitness program with you. Many people also make new friends, as gyms can be very sociable places. So enjoy yourself.

Once you have begun your fitness program, the coach will check on your progress on a regular basis. This is to ensure that you are doing the correct exercises, at your new improved level of fitness so that you can progress further, and your program be amended accordingly. This will make the loan process a lot simpler and more graceful. Give some time to Blue Lotus Fitness